Specific goals of the HPV-AHEAD consortium

The specific goals of the HPV-AHEAD consortium are:

  1. To produce a formal systematic review on the available data and a comprehensive analysis of the descriptive epidemiology and time trends in the incidence and mortality of HNC in Europe and India, using the available data in the literature and data banks.

  2. To conduct epidemiological studies in European and Indian populations in order to establish the overall proportion and type distribution of HPV-positive HNC at different anatomical sites in different geographical regions as well as the trend of the proportion of HPV-positive HNC in recent decades.

  3. To determine whether HPV infections interact with additional HNC risk factors in European and Indian populations.

  4. To perform retrospective studies using the follow-up information on HNC patients (including registry linkages) to establish whether HPV positivity confers a better prognosis and survival

  5. To determine the prevalence of DNA and/or RNA HPV-positivity in oral specimens (e.g. exfoliated cells and saliva) and in young populations in order to describe risk factors and natural history of oral HPV infections, and to explore novel screening strategies that could be broadly used in the clinical routine.

  6. To analyze the expression profile of cellular genes and microRNAs in HPV-negative and HPV-positive cancers and evaluate their potential use as biomarkers for positive and HPV negative HNC.

  7. To transfer technology to Indian research laboratories and laboratories of European collaborating partners, as well as to develop several strategies for the training of European and Indian researchers in topics related to infections and cancers.